Energy and Water Audits

Have you ever stopped to look around your facility to see what actually uses energy? It's amazing how much power, fuel, and water we use, and in many cases, waste. Energy and water assessments conducted by Sagiliti can provide powerful information in discovering utility savings opportunities at your facility. Some utility companies will even pay for part of the energy study – we can help determine available funding. Our experienced team of energy and water conservation experts will evaluate your building and equipment, identifying ways to reduce your consumption often without affecting comfort or processes. In some cases, we may suggest behavioral changes in usage, while in other situations propose a retrofit or the installation of new equipment.

By having Sagiliti provide this valuable analysis, you will be able to determine estimated costs and savings for each of the identified measures, whether behavioral or via equipment changes. The return on investment information and payback criteria determination will help your management team make effective financial decisions.

Let Sagiliti make a difference by applying our knowledge of available technologies and proven techniques to your facilities. After the assessment, we can assist you with RFQ development and project implementation. We also have financing tools and partners available to help match up the cash flow from the savings with the cost of the project, providing your organization the ability to implement the projects with no out-of-pocket costs; this has been especially successful in the non-profit sector.

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