Sub-Meter and RUBS

As part of its third-party utility billing services portfolio, Sagiliti handles tenant billing for commercial customers and multi-family property managers whose buildings have private submeters installed for each unit. Our team reads the meters, determines usage, applies charges, generates and delivers invoices, and can even collect payments – thus streamlining management responsibilities for property owners and assuring that tenants are fairly and accurately billed for their individual consumption. When an individual is charged for what they actually use, studies show that they are less wasteful and change their behavior. As such, for sustainability purposes, Sagiliti is a huge proponent of submetered billings.

In property situations where submetering is mechanically or structurally unfeasible, or cost prohibitive, RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing Systems) offers a fair and legal alternative method of determining individual tenant responsibility for utility consumption. The RUBS method calculates usage based on a pre-determined formula that can include square footage and occupancy numbers as well as other factors in order to allocate appropriate billing charges for each unit, thus preventing arbitrary or theoretical division of tenant usage cost, and relieving building owners of shouldering the full cost of utilities as determined by the master meter. Sagiliti provides analysis and calculation of the appropriate RUBS formula based on industry standards and state or municipal regulations for RUBS billing where the property is located.