Rate Optimization

Sagiliti excels at reducing the expenses associated with utility bills, often without changing the actual consumption. These services typically have an immediate payback and generate a nice return, requiring no equipment changes.

Examples of the benefits from utility invoice audits include:

  • Billing Errors - Our team often identifies billing errors and generates refunds for previously paid utility bills. Our customers are surprised by the number of opportunities for savings that we are able to detect.
  • Rate Changes - With a thorough understanding of utility rates and tariffs, our knowledgeable team can identify which rates available to clients will be best suited for their load profile and energy use patterns.
  • Tax Exemption Studies - In many states, utilities can be exempted from sales taxes if requirements are met. Our team is highly skilled at understanding these circumstances and reducing your tax bill where applicable.
  • Sewer Deduct Exemptions - Sewer costs are a common line item on water bills; by having the proper equipment in place, or studying and changing water usage patterns, organizations can often receive deductions on their sewer bills.
  • Power Factor Correction Penalties - Power factor is calculated on utility bills, and depending upon your rate structure and electric utility, if it falls below specified levels, penalties are incurred. Inductive loads and harmonics can cause deterioration in power quality, leading to penalty charges which can amount to tremendous amounts of money, whether you are a small user or large user. As a result of analyzing your invoice, our team can then identify the causes of poor power factor and provide the information necessary to appropriately size and locate equipment to correct for the issue.

Whether a utility bill audit results in a refund for overpayment or a reduction in costs, or we are able to help you switch to a new rate or provider, you'll be pleased with the results. Make sure you are not paying too much for your utilities and allow us to review available options. We can provide a no-risk offer in which you will only compensate us in the event we identify savings: you pay nothing if we do not identify any opportunities. Join our long list of delighted customers that have benefitted from this service!

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