Scorecards, Alerts and Benchmarking

We know that you are busy running your business or property. You don’t have time to manually analyze your energy and water use every month. We streamline this data through customized reports and alerts to make energy and water use more visible and actionable. We also send easy-to-review alerts when a meter's usage falls out of defined parameters compared to previous periods. These High Use Alerts can be distributed by E-Mail, Work Order, FTP Server, or other methods per your specific needs. Scorecards allow a quick and easy graphic view of utility usage compared across time, while benchmarking reports make property-to-property comparisons.

Let Sagiliti handle performance monitoring for you so that your staff can focus on solving the problems rather than finding them!


Sagiliti automates easy-to-understand scorecards to you so that you don't have to worry about your utility usage. These reports display a site score, rated from 1-10 (Best to worst), and display the quarterly change of your usage. Both the site score and quarterly change are color coded to easily understand how your site is doing. Additionally, your site's usage for each water, gas and electricity is displayed individually in graphs that simply display the usage in relation to past years. 


Get instant High Use Alerts when your water, energy or gas usage deviates from normal usage. This award-winning analysis is a convenient way to save thousands of dollars by catching leaks and other subtle ways that can cost you significant amounts of money. Our tracking of your usage makes it easy to see when one deviates in their usage. We show your change from the past month, change from the past year, cost impact of change and tables/graphs that easily displays your past usage data for comparison. 

Benchmark Reports

Sagiliti offers benchmark reports that compare the locations of your portfolio to each other for a quick analysis of your building's best and worst performers in both energy and water. We provide traditional benchmark categories such as Total Square Feet of a Property and Number of Units/Bedrooms to standardize properties of different sizes for equal comparison, but we have the flexibility to add any desired type of benchmarking metrics to best fit your needs.