Energy Project Management

After identifying energy projects that meet your return on investment criteria, Sagiliti can help you develop a scope of work, identify and secure utility rebates or tax credits, and provide a turnkey solution to effectively implement the project. When resources are limited to get the job done, or you're looking for expertise to help you efficiently get a project implemented, Sagiliti can serve as an ideal partner. Let us tell you about our experience managing individual projects as well as rollouts of multiple projects at diverse sites across the country.

Project Management Activities

  • Agree on which energy projects are targeted for implementation
  • Develop accurate, detailed Statements of Work -Walk thru on site, review with facilities staff as needed
  • Lead RFP process – communicate with bidders, schedule/attend meetings
  • Review bids, comment on comparison-differentiators within the quotes
  • Work with the customer to select the contractor(s)
  • Assist with any documentation necessary to secure funding and issue POs
  • Manage/coordinate project work on site
    • Schedule the work
    • Determine who will be on site and when
    • Communicate with stakeholders on site (Facility Mgr, Mechanics, EHS, Security, others)
    • Manage issues, concerns
    • Track progress
  • Manage change orders
  • Manage invoicing/spend – actuals vs budget
  • Project close out activities – ensure these items are completed
    • Punchlist walk thru and item resolution
    • Asset updates in applicable reporting systems
    • Lock out tag out completed/updated
    • Commissioning/startup
    • Training Facilities staff
    • Provide documentation, as-builts, and procedures for Facilities staff/operators
    • File appropriate rebate paperwork