Sagiliti Featured in Medtronic's Supply Chain Diversity Article

Recently, Medtronic reported on how it is seeking to work with diverse businesses. In a quote from Medtronic CEO, “When we work with diverse businesses, economic impact ripples through whole communities. IT’s more than a financial contract. It’s new wealth, new jobs, and new skills that impact the root causes of systemic inequities”. Medtronic featured three minority-owned businesses, one of which was Sagiliti, formerly JIT Services.

Sagiliti has been working with Medtronic for over 12 years and is proud to say that, through collaboration with Medtronic, we have dramatically decreased Medtronic’s waste, water, and energy. Medtronic desires to be carbon neutral by 2030 and directly attributes Sagiliti to their success in moving closer to that goal. While increasing Medtronic’s sustainability, Sagiliti has also helped save over $50 million since the beginning of Medtronic’s and Sagiliti's relationship. In a quote from Sagiliti's CEO, Ravi Norman, “Our relationship with Medtronic is about collaboration. We bring value to Medtronic to help the company save time and energy, and Medtronic is elevating us as a thought leader to champion both diversity and sustainability."

In Sagiliti’s pursuit of positively impacting people, planet, and profit, Sagiliti has loved partnering with a like-minded organization in diversity and sustainability. As a minority-owned business, Sagiliti continues to appreciate businesses that seek out different perspectives and is excited to continue working with companies like Medtronic!