Smart Building Technology

Sagiliti understands the power of information to make good decisions, and with its digital twin technology platform, powered by MarketBridge, Sagiliti can now help building operators make efficiency decisions more quickly and accurately with this data-driven energy management solution and service.

Sagiliti’s traditional data services focus on “above the meter” consumption data from electric, gas, and water utility providers. Our digital twin technology adds powerful “below the meter” consumption analytics by specific asset: HVAC, lighting, water, air quality, security, elevators, and mobile assets. This cloud-based solution enables real-time building monitoring of any asset, in any building, on any floor, at any time, from anywhere.

With energy and maintenance savings often between 20-50 percent, Sagiliti's platform is monitored 24x7x365 by expert engineers to analyze and optimize building performance consumption by asset. Additionally, the system can manage alarms and set points, with the ability to either resolve the problem immediately or send the suggested action to facility engineers.

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