Utility Bill Processing

Our team manages the receipt, processing, payment, and data associated with our client's utility bills. Utility companies notoriously require remittance in two weeks or less. Processing and paying these bills on time can be challenging; missing the due date by a single day can result in significant late fee penalties. Utility bills may also contain errors. Sagiliti excels in timely and accurate evaluation and processing of utility invoices.

Outsourcing this service to our experienced staff can result in savings and increased Accounts Payable efficiencies for your company, as well as provide an on-going verification process to ensure accurate billing. Sagiliti offers direct upload into our clients’ accounting systems, thus removing the need for manual data entry – providing a significant reduction in cost and time. Our billing data feeds have been developed for a broad range of accounting programs, allowing for automated data population of general ledger codes and cost centers. We have worked closely with several of our clients to develop customized data feeds to meet complex tracking requirements and invoice approval processes.

If your organization is required or committed to report spend with diverse suppliers, count your spend with Sagiliti toward your diversity goals, as we are a certified minority-owned business. Contact us to determine how we can deliver the greatest level of value to you.