Sustainability Reporting

Sagiliti captures energy information and bill images in a powerful database accessible via a password protected area of our website. Secure online access to data and reports offers clients better management of utility use and costs. The data is uploaded immediately upon bill receipt, permitting clients to manage use and spend expeditiously and effectively, and view results in table or graphical form, whether for an account, location, division or portfolio.

Measuring and evaluating energy performance is the cornerstone of efficiency; Sagiliti has extensive experience with a diverse range of metrics from commercial, industrial, and multifamily complexes. We offer the capability of adapting existing client report structures, or creating entirely new reporting formats to meet specific client needs in areas including benchmarking, emissions reporting, budgets, and accruals – offering flexibility to our customers. Additionally, for participating clients, our team can export usage and cost data directly into the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, providing yet another tracking tool for data reporting and management.